Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, Cobble Hill! You are SO easy.

So, it's pretty exciting times here in Bucky's World, as I've managed to piss off an entire section of Brooklyn. [See companion story here.] I know, I know. I've reached the big time. I'll be expecting a call from the New York Times and Oprah any day now.

But, do you not think that, uhm, perhaps...just perhaps...they are a tad bit too sensitive in Cobble Hill as 1) I have a total readership of about 6 (well, until now) and 2) I spend an inordinate amount of my time eating and then blogging about apples? I mean, for all they know, I am an 11-year-old circus freak and I'm blogging from my winter home in Romania and I never even BEEN to Cobble Hill.

There was one kind soul, however, who wrote:

we live nearby and couldn’t agree more. Lupo is no longer welcoming as it was when it opened and it is a stroller parking lot at happy hr.
Snarky. Yes. Accurate. Yes.

Anyway, tomorrow I have my sights set on pissing off Park Slope. Also, I'm now taking requests. Anyone else I should try and anger while I'm at it? Apparently, wanting to have a decent lunch on Valentine's Day and expecting good food and good service are too much to ask for in the Big C.H. That's something only crazy people in the suburbs should expect. Oh you crazy, suburban dwellers with your Olive Gardens and your Trader Joe's and your Starbucks...Wait a minute!

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